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Cosmesi Italiana

Astringent Tonic

Astringent Tonic

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This product has a gentle function on the skin; Alcohol-free and rich in valuable herbal extracts and humectants. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and delicate, and with blotches. It contains natural moisturizing factors to improve the skin's ability to retain water, and Hamamelis extract, with its astringent function, helps absorb excess sebum by narrowing the pores. Thanks to vegetable collagen, it tones and smooths the skin, revives the complexion, and restores tone and elasticity. Leaving the skin soft and relaxed. It is used morning and evening after the cleansing milk. It is applied with a soaked cotton pad by applying light pressure from the center towards the outside of the face.


Astringent properties par excellence. Very active on oily, impure, and skin that is prone to red blotches. Substantive properties on the skin, as it synthesizes new collagen fibers, maintaining functional tropism.


  • Hamamelis
  • Vegetable Collagen


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