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Cellulite Cream Impact

Cellulite Cream Impact

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It is an integral treatment that has the particular ability to make orange peel skin extremely smooth, restructuring the tissues in depth and reactivating the cellular metabolism; which first of all involves a general firming. It is thanks to this effectiveness in depth that the results are lasting and the treatment will reveals particularly suitable for cases of deep cellulite. This product comes in the form of a gel, formulation which can bring together a high concentration of principles active, favor their penetration and offer a notable cosmetic pleasantness. The phosphatidylcholine present in this product, thanks to its lipolytic potential, is useful for the ability to stimulate drainage and removal of stagnant liquids. The supply of targeted essential oils promotes an activity vasoprotective combined with a significant reduction of fat pads. The consistent and regular use of this product reshapes the points critics.


Spread the cream on the affected area and massage it until completely absorbed. Excellent results are obtained by using the shock treatment which consists in massaging the affected parts every evening cellulite. 


  • Phosphotidylcholine – 1%
  • Carnitine – 1%
  • Centella Extract – 0.5%
  • Hop Extract – 0.5%
  • Sea Oak Extract – 0.5%
  • Vegetable collagen – 1%
  • Caffeine – 1%
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