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Eye and Eye-Bag Serum

Eye and Eye-Bag Serum

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Due to its inherent physiological nature, the periocular tissues tend to lose their ability to hold onto a normal degree of humidity. At this point, a more or less serious state is established of dehydration with unpleasant aesthetic consequences such as  the so-called eye bags, with lattices of wrinkles on the surface. Our laboratories have developed an extremely effective product to restore to the epidermis of that particular area to its natural tone. With this gel, we have set out to follow, as far as possible, the process in which mother nature maintains the freshness of the skin, by applying the most recent scientific discoveries on the cellular activity of the periocular area. This innovative product easily penetrates and provides the necessary hydration around the epidermal eye tissues thanks to its active ingredients that are emulsified with substances lipid of plant origin; the result is a remarkable firming property combined with a specific nourishing action for all those skins where there is a scarcity of sebaceous secretion.


The use of caffeine, a powerful anti-edematous agent, promotes the reduction of unsightly periocular bags. Use every day after the specific makeup remover, this product helps to remove swelling from the eyelids and to smooth the surface epidermis.


  • Eyeliss (aqua, glycerin, hesperedin methyl calconate, steareth-20, dipetide-2, pamitoyl tetra peptide-7) – 3%
  • Haloxyl (aqua, glycerin, steareth-20, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, chrysin, palmitoyl tripeptide-1, palmitoyl tetra peptide-7) – 3%
  • Water-soluble Shea Butter – 1%



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