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Leg Cream to Action Draining

Leg Cream to Action Draining

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The complex structure of the legs can affect the whole organism, both as a support base and as an organ of locomotion, but above all for proper functioning of the circulatory system.

Staying still for a long time, standing or sitting, the heat, details hormonal secretions, can cause dilation of the venous blood vessels. Prolonged immobility favors a blood stasis and an increase in blood pressure. With stagnation, the leaked liquid is not absorbed and causes that series of symptoms ranging from sense of heaviness to itching, swelling, actual edema. Women are mainly affected by these disorders which, for physiological and habitual reasons of life, they use scarcely the natural functional "pumps" constituted by foot and calf, then complaining in addition to the discomfort of functional type, even the aesthetic one, with the appearance of small networks of capillaries or small caliber varices. The action of the anti-fatigue emulsion gives immediate relief stimulating blood circulation. Furthermore this product extends its beneficial effects too to the ankles helping to overcome that feeling of tiredness which often involves the whole organism. The cream should be spread in the evening before going to bed, spreading a light veil. Thanks to its particular formulation, it comes immediately absorbed without a trace, giving an immediate feeling of well-being. Legs and feet will be so fresh, rested and back again fatigue resistant.


Spread the right one on the calves in the morning quantity of anti-fatigue leg cream. The night before going to bed, always spread small amounts of on the calves anti-fatigue lotion until completely absorbed.


  • O.e. Mint – 0.5%
  • Menthol – 2%
  • Camphor – 2%
  • Synergy of essential oils (savory, rosemary, scots pine, lemon, sweet orange, eucalyptus, lavender, sage) – 0.2%
  • Synergy of glycolic extracts (cola, ginkgo biloba, borage, ivy, rusco, sea oak, gotu kola) – 1%
  • Caffeine – 0.5%


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