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Multivitamin Serum

Multivitamin Serum

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Vitamins are considered to be essential nutrition for the skin. In recent discoveries in functional cosmetology, percutaneous methods (methods done via needle-puncture of the skin) have shown to be effective in delivering substances capable of promoting nutritional processes to the epidermis–so long as its basal state remains of the dermis. Vitamins properly conveyed can match under these conditions and thus be absorbed as food directly assimilable. The Mizar, employing Vitamins A, E, C and F in one precious emulsion, it has shown the possibility of intervening actively in the repairs of skin wear and in stimulation of pathological lesions. These vitamins have the prerogative to form bonds through stable, saline chemicals, which are useful for promoting a reaction in the biochemicals of cellular exchanges. The result is an improved appearance of the skin in the aesthetic sense, with greater elasticity to the touch, softness and turgor.


It is applied in the correct doses in the morning or in the evening, with movements light from bottom to top, without leaving traces of residue.


  • Vitamin A – 2%
  • Vitamin E – 2%
  • Vitamin F – 2%
  • Vitamin C – 2%
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein – 2%
  • Panthenol – 2.5%


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