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Purifying Face Emulsion

Purifying Face Emulsion

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When the skin of the face is surrounded by unsightly pimples and hateful blackheads, it is necessary to intervene with products that restore the natural harmony of the face. The essence of lavender in synergy with a particular molecule of propolis penetrates the horny cells, facilitating their detachment in a gentle and gradual way, thus allowing underlying cells to resurface freely as they do in young skin. As a result, biological optimality and substantive functionality of the deep skin structures are established. After only three days the results are evident. 


Apply the product once or twice a day, without overlapping other products throughout the day.


This serum is rich in propolis that helps impure and oily skin to regain its natural balance.


  • Atomized propolis – 1%
  • O.e. lavender – 0.5%


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