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Purifying Zeolite Face Mask

Purifying Zeolite Face Mask

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This is an effective treatment for impure skin. Its use helps to counteract the three factors of acne-prone and acne-prone skin, namely: excess sebum, the formation of blackheads, and the proliferation of bacteria. The mask has a formulation that includes horse chestnut oil among its components, an antioxidant that helps reduce redness thanks to the perfect synergy with rice bran oil; Thyme essence helps to decrease the production of sebum and Icelandic Lichen which reduces the proliferation of bacteria. Purified and uniform, the skin regains radiance and beauty.


  • Zeolite – 1%
  • Sweet Almond Oil – 20%
  • Rice Bran Oil – 0.5%
  • Horse chestnut Oil – 0.5%
  • Iceland Lichen Extract – 1%
  • Thyme Extract – 1%
  • Juniper Extract – 1%
  • Cola Extract – 1%



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