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Vitamin A Oil

Vitamin A Oil

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It is now established that Vitamin A is essential for purposes of the formation of proteins, substances of capital importance for the development, growth and distribution of cells and tissues. This vitamin is necessary for protection and the maintenance of the structural and functional integrity of the tissues epithelial (skin and mucous membranes) and when it is deficient the epithelium secretory dries up, hardens, becomes more susceptible to the attack of viruses and bacteria. Vitamin A has a protective action on the skin and normalizing as it regulates sebum secretion e maintains the thin hydrolipidic layer placed on the skin surface, often removed by excessive washing or from careless use of detergents. Vitamin A plays a very active role too in hindering organic aging: inducing in fact cells to function at full capacity not to multiply, it hinders the activity of collagenase, a particular enzyme active for the purpose of the formation of wrinkles and skin alterations.


With a well cleansed face, apply a light layer of product, tapping with your fingers until absorbed.


  • Vitamin A – 3%
  • Hydrolyzed soy protein – 1.5%


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